Looking for an age appropriate game site for my son. The game link site asked for a credit card, which was advertised as a free trial.

I didn't like what I saw for my boy, we never went further than basically checking the site out. No purchase no 4.95. nothing no purchase no sale.

Lo and behold, my visa account wouldn't reconcile for the last few months, So I dug in trying to sort it out.

I find a $50.40 plus $1.51 foreign transaction fee attached for the last 6 months from netballgame.com. I called adn asked what is going on. They go oh we can give you back $47.55 for the last 3 months. They wouldnt let me go further up the ladder.

I called visa cancelled my card and plus initiated a dispute claim. Bottom line stay away from netballgame

Monetary Loss: $615.

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